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“Radicalising the Community since 2002”

The Treatment Rooms HQ is the working studio for one of the UK’s leading 
eccentric anarchic artists Carrie Reichardt; along with a multi-talented 
group of artistic friends, collaborators and creative associates.

A stolen door sign from Hackney Mental Asylum 20 years ago gave birth to 
a small and slightly unhinged family of like-minded artistic individuals 
who fused together a passion for expressing activism through art. This 
rebellious band of renegade siblings eventually came to be known as… The 
Treatment Rooms Collective

Ten years on, they have a diverse group of committed Treatment Room 
Members, each radicalising their own communities, ranging from 
incarcerated political prisoners in Louisiana to Street Artists in 

Their previous projects include:

The Tiki Love Truck
A mobile mosaiced mausoleum made as a shrine to their friend, executed 
Texan prisoner John Joe ‘Ash’ Amador

A thought provoking exhibition following one Man’s journey onto the Gurney.

Death Row Peep Show
A surreal and emotionally stimulating art installation at Glastonbury 

And lest we forget, the world famous ‘Ceramic House of Resistance’ the 
amazing ancestral birth place of The Treatment Rooms, Carries very own 
intricately mosaiced home.

Be warned, however taking a trip into The Treatment Rooms HQ may change 
your life forever!

The artwork produced in the studio thrusts into view a reality which 
some may find difficult to digest – it's contentious, subversive and 
specifically designed to promote the viewer to rise up against corrupt 
establishment activity.

Websites you should check out: